Tuesday, 13 August 2013

1/35 Zvezda T-90

Good day to you beautiful people.

Today is a good day for me. I managed to put on finishing touches on two of my models ( including this one) and finally finished another one by day's end. I had fun taking the photos as well.

Today, I will be launching the fabulous T-90 from Zvezda. I'm pretty sure everybody in the AFV modelling world knows about this magnificent kit from Zvezda.

I'm pretty sure this kit need no special introduction and it has been very popular since it's release back on 2012. Everything about this kit is just beautiful. Price-wise, I only paid 28.99 and my gosh, the details it provide is worth twice the price. Unlike the Meng kit, it doesn't have the engine bay though, but that would/should not stop anybody for getting this due to the superb engineering and the level of details. There no hint of Photo-etch as well but in my most humblest opinion, you don't even need P.E upgrade sets. You have my most strongest recommendations to get it. I looked at the Meng T-90A and with the price Meng charges, I am not impressed. It looks too much like the direct copy of the Zvezda's T-90 ( parts and steps ) with just the engine and other bits thrown in. Now, just to be clear, I am not saying IT IS a direct copy. It looks like a copy due to the near identical steps and parts breakdown. A fellow modeller pointed out to me Zvezda has the wrong height or something but I never cared that much about accuracy anyway ( unless it it entirely wrong or very obviously wrong).

I spent quite some time on the net trying to narrow down which colours I should chose. I almost did the one from the box art but I didn't like it and I found myself drawing toward the one I saw on Prime Portal - the one with (NATO??!!)Black , Tan and dark green.

For the green, I mixed Vallejo Green with another 2 of tamiya. I used Nato Black for the black as I have found people used that for their T-90s. Tan is from Tamiya as well. I gave it a panel line wash from AK. Because of the Tan in the paint scheme and the scenario I want to put it into, I only gave it a light coat of brown filter.

The scenario is for this gal to be just dirty on the wheels and lower parts from driving around on the range, either on training or for demonstrations. I didn't even put on black smoke pigments on the gun as well to further emphasis the point it was just driving around. I purposely didn't put on any kind of oil spillage nor chipping as everybody knows vehicles like these are kept very well maintained.

I tried my best to find the crew figures but sadly, there is none avaiable and the only thing that is avaiable is the ones from the Chechnya period and VERY expensive to buy so I had to opt out of the crew. How sad.

I didn't really had any hiccup with this kit however. The kit goes on really well and love every bit of the steps in building it.  I'm vary satisfied with what I did, albeit it could look better but stil, I'm happy.

But enough chit-chat .... Its time for the photos -
Lets start with some walk-around, profile views


 ( Please click on the pictures for larger view)

Here are some Close up views on the Scopes -

( Please click on the pictures for larger view)

And here are the muds on the wheels -

( Please click on the pictures for larger view)
And here are some shots that I played around with the camera ( as usual ) -

( Please click on the pictures for larger view)

And Closing the curtain with a bang - as usual -

I know I still have a long way to go to be classed as one of the masters and I won't stop until I reach that kind of level. I couldn't keep building if not for my supporting friends and comrades and some fans ( to my surprise, I do have some fans ). Thank you guys for always supporting me. Thank you dear readers for your patronage as well.

Until Next time.


  1. Effing awesome work bro, By far yer best yet.