Thursday, 15 August 2013

WIP - 1/35 Dicker Max Part 7 - Last WIP

Hello Gents ( and Ladies IF any)

I bring to you the seventh and final update to my Dicker Max before finally launching this thing.

I had to spend a good 8-10 hours modifying and painting the figures. The figures are from MiniArt and boy, do they have flash. Overall quality is not too bad though BUT I am not satisfied with how they moulded the uniforms so I don't think I will be using from MiniArt again. Anyway, I managed to pull through, fixed some of their posture and paint them.

 I only have the belts left to paint at this point, which I will do so later.

After I have satisfied with those crews, I put on a heavy coat of oil filters and washes to make it really dirty and all the dirt stains stuck on the paint job after a hard summer of fighting.

I also put on the first layer of mud along with the filters and subtle streaking -

 I want to try mud on wet mud so I put in a generous amount of Vallejo Gloss Varnish in the mixture to have a glossy wet finish. I used pigmenst from MIG ( nothing beats them ) and from FloryModels of the UK ( I really love them. Too bad they stop making the pigments now ) and Tamiya Texture paint which I have found really useful to add volume.

A little bit satisfied with that, I moved on to some eternal storage I wanted to put on. Such as these  -

I just want to put on a folded tarp or sheet between there as it looked like it needed something.

And this is the rolled up tarp that is stored in the rack behind the fighting compartment. If I did my research right, German SPG had some kind of tarp to cover the open compartment and I wanted to included that in my build.

That is just some excess miliput rolled up into a sheet-ish thing and the ammo box is the one I obtained from the MiniArt Figure kit. Of course, no one would be foolish enough to put a ammo box in front so Let's just assume that's just some storage box. LOL

Satisfied with that, I had a look and I wanted to put on more mud and more texture so I bought Transparent Gloss Heavy Gel from Vallejo to apply my wet mud with -

 I was quite happy with the second coat but as you can see, the transition line between the wet and dry mud was too obvious so I had to put on a third layer, which I did not take any photos of. Figure I would show that on my final display.

I also put on RUST and SOOT on the exhaust as well but, again, I didn't take any photos. I will show them on the finish piece.

I did, however, take some shots of the finished piece as a preview though. Here They are -

 Well this is it. After a long work in progress, this thing is finally finished. I'm so glad to finished this. After this, I can finally turn my focus back on my Lowe.  If you guys think there are some things I can improve, please do leave some suggestion in the comment. I want this to be very nice looking and could use some help.

Until next post guys.
Thank you all for reading and the support you all have been giving me this whole time.


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