Friday, 30 August 2013

WIP - 1/35 ZTD-05 AAAV - Part 2

Right, I have an update here Gents .... 

I carried on with some bits and bobs from on the top of of the hull. I put on the Exhaust pipes and one of the engine grille. The etch are from the kit itself -

Knowing how annoying and complicated this workable flap will be, I decided to start building the bigger parts to make life easier. Here is the rear flap -

And this is outer part of the front flap. I had to put on those table like structure onto the flap. Stupid Hobbyboss had punch hole on that flap so I had to fill them. You can even see them in the photo there. 

I deviate along from the instruction and started building the turret. 
The gun was actually made to be moved up and down - 

But after the mantlent and its cover was up, it cannot move anymore. I don't know why they would do it like that .
Here is how the turret look in general -

I put on the hatches. The hatches can be shown open with complete lock and handle from the inside but since I could not find a PLA crew member, I had to close it off.

I put on the smoke grenade launcher after ward -

And I  try as best as I can to put on as many parts on the back of the turret as possible - 

There are a lot of small pieces involved and it really tire my eyes out, dang. But I am enjoying this build. I don't know how that infamous flap will do to my patience but I hope nothing too serious LOL. 

Well, that's it for now. I will keep you guys updated .


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