Friday, 2 August 2013

WE had a very successful GB and Here are the Winners.

Alright, People. You are probably Aware of the Chaos Group Build We were having. I made a blog post about this as well back when it started - LINK  ( for Recap )

After a very successful group with 88 finished model, it was the time for the staffs to judge and came up with the results and the results are as follow -

Best Paint Jobs 

1st Galland: M4A2 Sherman-

2nd Big Z: MG Shin Matsunaga Zaku II 2.0-

3rd Lemniscate: MS Build Freedom Conversion-

4th GoodGuyDan: HGUC Byarlant-

5th Steezy: MG Nemo-

Best Modifications

1st Tigrillo-

2nd Dumpling: Air Whale-

3rd Beork: Decal Hell-

4th Ijoezel: G.H.O.S.T.S-

5th Pawces: MG 00 7 swords- 

Here is what the winners have to choose from EXCEPT FOR THE GENOBREAKER AND THE POSTERS ( the posters will be randomized.)

Before I proceed any further, Here are a few words from one of our Admin, Harry - 

''''' Congrats to everyone on making this GB a blast and putting in some killer entries. I hope you all enjoyed this GB as much as the staff did. A lot of the judging came down to some really really tough calls. Here's how this will work. In order of placement I want the winners to come in here and select what prize they want. Tigrillo will not be receiving a prize for winning "Best Modifications" because he has already won the grand prize and I want more people to get a chance at prizes because we will be doing some random picks as well as prize donor picks as well. I did this in favour of previous complaints we have received in our 2012 Mecha Contest hosted by Kamm and Sneeper. ''' 

Thank you all for making this GB a fun one. I enjoyed very much myself and there have been a lot of interaction between members and everybody was having fun, building and commenting, throwing banters back and forth.


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