Monday, 21 October 2013

Another Update from Monoeye Publishing

Right guys.. I have a kind of an update from Monoeye Press regarding the Mecha Modelling guide book.

Unfortunately, I cannot give the good new of '' it has been released '' as you all know how much work has to be done for a project as big as this and not to mention they have their own lives to live. BUT rest assured that I have been taking with Gdx ( Derick ) and he and his team are now doing final check ups and editing, going through all the pages and editing stuffs to make everything perfect. That being said, it is confirmed that the book will be out in a maximum of three months. Just a three more months guys ( IT could be earlier if they can pick up speed, so fingers crossed )... hang in there.

Derick send us some sample revised editing of the sample chapter. I have to admit, I love the new revised editing on the pages and the lay out. Have a look for yourself.

The steps are shown clearly, the text clearly labelled in accordance with the pictures, the pictures are taken with top-notch quality and the wordings are somewhat in simple english so it's very easy to follow.

I have a fair bit of guide books myself ( and this picture is excluding my monthly mags)-

so I know a good guide book when I see one. This is a great book .. ( or rather will be a great book ). I have compared with this with all of the guidebook I have and I am not disappointed ( AT ALL ) but rather the opposite. The revised layout and editing really REALLY helped alot.

So, you guys won't be disappointed when this finally came out and it WILL definitely come out so just hang in there. The exact date is not known but I will update you guys as soon as I hear anything from Derick.

I would like to take this opportunity to take the great guys out there who helped with Monoeye Press Kickstarter. Even though I am not exactly a official member of this project , I'm really grateful to these guys for making it possible to do this book. I am a avid modeller that likes to build all kind of models and as you can see, there are no book ( or reference materials ) available for gunpla in the English language so having the Mecha Modelling Guide book out there would draw many more people to the hobby. So the great guys who helped out Monoeye Press, I thank you for making it possible for Monoeye Press to help out the new beginners, which in turn will help out others and the circle continue.

Anyway .... the BOOK is definitely coming so just hang in there and you won't be disappointed.

Please go give a like to their FB PAGE and if you have any suggestion or see any error, please contact them via their FB or their email  '' ''.

I will keep you updated fellas.... Happy Modelling


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