Thursday, 10 October 2013

These words Come from a Modeller's Wife

Immature ... Childish..... Shut-ins ..... Waste of money ... such are some of the many words that people used how on our great hobby. Many a time, our hobby has been discriminated by those hobby-less, pathetic bastards but from time to time, a voice rise up for us modellers and for today, I want to blog about such voice.

If you guys have been around in the hobby for some time, you guys will probably be familiar with Ryukaze. If not, here is his blog so just have a look over. These words I'm re sharing are the words of his wife and these words are really nice and the whole blog post is an eye opener. All of these words I am re sharing blongs to her and I do not take any credit for those words.

Why I think my husband's hobby of building model kits is SEXY. By  


( That's RyuKaze style of taking pictures, BTW )

My husband is a toy collector. He collects Marvel and DC action figures, Transformers, Gundams, GI Joe and Star Wars vehicles and a whole lot of other things. He's not just a collector, he also builds, paints and kitbashes scale models/model kits of robots, tanks and a whole lot of other stuff that I'm not even sure what they're called.
A lot of people don't seem to understand this hobby. Some say its a waste of time and money. Most people even say he's immature. Well, I'm the wife. If anyone has anything to say about it, that would be me. And I think it's SEXY, and it was one of the factors that attracted me about him. And here's why...

1) It shows he has passion.
Men with interest or hobbies are passionate about something. People who are passionate feel strongly about the things they love and care about. The love and care that my husband puts in the details when he builds and paints models are impressive. He shows attention to minute little details that make all the difference. And that also means, he is VERY GOOD with his hands.

2) He is home. With me.
He builds and paints in his studio, sometimes in the living room of our small apartment. He just needs a few tools and a small space. The tools aren't expensive either. Unlike some hobbies with expensive equipment that needs the person to be in a field or a lake or somewhere other than home. So while he does his work, I just do my own thing around the house but at ANY TIME I need him, he is there and he is able to stop his work and attend to me. Even better, he can still borak with me while putting together a Gundam at the same time.
Example, if he plays futsal, he has to be at the pitch, then he lepaks with his friends after the game and there will be days where he wants to watch the game on TV or at the mamak with friends, while the wife stays at home or the wife follows and she has to lepak with all the cigarette smoke around. Errr... sorry, but that's not my idea of fun.

3) It makes money, fame and glory. haha.
No, seriously, it does. A lot of people from around the country, no, world, yes, I said world, commissions him to paint or kitbash their toys. I can't tell you how much he makes, that's confidential, but know this, his "toys" provided him with the money to get married to me within 6 months. And you know weddings cost a lot kan?
And it gives me a sense of pride when I see his works and even more surprising when some random stranger comes up to him and says " You are Ryukaze? Man, I'm a fan of your works!". And as humble as he is, he just smiles and continues to have a conversation with that stranger about what else? Toys of course.

4) He really knows his stuff. He's not a poser.
Being a tv show host wannabe like me, I like asking questions and interviewing people. It totally pisses me when most times, the people who say they're into something can't answer simple questions about their interest. I however, equate people's ability to answer questions to their intelligence level. Articulate la basically. But believe me when I say, u can ask Ryukaze anything about the things that he likes and he can regale you with encyclopedic editions of it. I'm a nut for a good story, so I enjoy when he tells me the story behind Halo, Transformers and Gundams. And he doesn't pretend to know things he doesn't. Yes, his intelligence charms my pants off. Literally.

5) Immature? Man (or woman), you have no idea what maturity is.
Yes, he plays with TOYS. Some guys play with cars. Some guys play with fish rods. Some guys even play with women. I'd rather he play with little plastic things are not expensive yet has resale value in any given time, era even country.
All of us need something to amuse us, entertain us, to sustain our imagination and playfulness. Its what makes life interesting. I believe, to each his own.
He may not look his age, but when a situation needs him to man up, my husband does that without hesitation. It comes naturally that he protects my honor, my well being, my safety, my sanity and my happiness. And he fulfills his responsibilities.
Maturity is not about what one does as his hobby. Maturity is about taking responsibility and doing what is right. That is what being a man or "Da Man" is all about. Maturity is when you can show respect and love a wife unconditionally. Maturity is understanding the balance of both strength and weakness. Its not about being macho all the time. Control hensem is so passe.

6) The work he does is a work of art. So it gives a sense of achievement and fulfillment which feeds the soul which in return produces a very positive human being.

7) Its so easy to get him birthday or anniversary presents. Just look at his toy wishlist.

He is comfortable in his own skin being who he is and that confidence is what is charming about him. And that ultimately makes him sexy in my eyes.
His hobby makes him happy, and that makes me happy. He makes me happy.
So yeah, toy collecting and model kit building are awesome hobbies. So there.


And here is the original blog post from Mrs. RyuKaze - 

Well, there you have it. If you have girlfriends or wives or those bitches and bastards of friends that look down on our hobby, just show them this blog post. 

Happy Modelling people. Our hobby is a great one and always hold your head high with pride as modellers. 


  1. This is really great stuff. I also think its incredibly important to stay proud of who we are and what we love. After so many years, I've found it easy to block out all the people who don't understand what hobbies are. It's clear to me that they just don't care to understand, and that's fine. We can keep doing what we love and it won't ever matter what other people think. Keep doing you.