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Right... I shouldn't linger any more. I have been aiming to write a review but so many things happened and I couldn't write it until now. 

The mecha modelling guide is the brain child of a handful of modellers based in Vancouver, Canada. Made available through the kick starter sites and the many other benefactors who helped out, this book finally came out back in December 2013 and it is aimed for the very beginners modellers who have just started the hobby. This is a tome for those who want to move on from just snap-fitters to full time modellers. 

The book covers quite a detailed history of Gundams and Gunpla. I find that a very nice thing to read as I myself don't know too much of the history. 

A detailed break down of the necessary accessories and tools is followed afterwards. They done a great job there explaining why each and every accessories is necessary and how they are ( or can be ) used. 

Following that is about paint. I am very very impressed about this particular section as they did a lot of research about each and every paint type and even comparing the prons and cons of each paint type in tables. This is the first time I have seen this detailed comparison and I really love it. 

After that, the book dove right into 4 step-by-step builds that is very well presented with hint and tips and captions. All the builds are presented in step by step which is just a delight to follow. Every step is explained perfectly well and hints, tips and mistakes to avoid has been clearly shown and written. They even went ahead and made mistakes so that they can show how to remedy those said mistakes. All 4 builds are done in a beginner level that is just the perfect amount of informations for a beginner to absorb and implement back on their kits. 

The only thing I am not happy about is the inclusion of weathering ( chipping and the battle damages) in two of the builds. It's just that I feel like it is rushed into here as weathering is not exactly a beginner level stuff. 
On the bright side, that could have spur enough interest and motivation in the beginners' minds to research about weathering and to implement them in the near future of their modelling career. 

Apart from this one fact about the weathering, everything in this book is solid. 

The ebook version retails at 8.99USD and the physical book retails at 24.99USD. A lot of people will say that it is expensive or argue that why do we need to buy books where there are forums and many other on line sources around. In response to that, I want you take a look at the following photo -

These are my guide book. If any arguments of enough informations can be found on forums and the net arise and is true, I wouldn't even be buying these books. 

Now, to respond to the argument of price, 6 of the ''Weathering magazines'' that you see in the middle cost me £8.99 EACH. The same price for digital copy. '' Guide to scale modelling '' on the top left and top right cost me £5.99 EACH. '' Tank Art vol.1 '' alone cost me £22.99. '' Modelling Armoured Vehicles '' cost me £12.99. Yes, '' Mecha Modelling guide '' may seem expensive at the prices I mentioned but compare with the amount of money I have invested, it is nothing. 

Forums and the net is useful but it can only give you a limited information. One stop guides are necessary as it is better to look for more information, specific informations based on what you have read about in the guide books and references books. 

Also, if any body is wondering about the quality and presentation of the book, as this is the first ever book by monoeye publishing arising from kickstarter, I can safely assure you that the quality and presentation is top notch. I have compared this book with the likes of the guide books I have shown above ( the likes of Airfix, one of the long standing name in the modelling world's history and AK Interactive, a world spanning company producing some of the best products of us modellers ) and the Mecha Modelling Guide is on par with the quality with the books made by such giants. 

All, I have said everything I need to say about this book so hear is my verdict for this  -

This book WILL and CAN help all the beginners and also help much more experienced guys to touch up on whatever it is they have forgotten. 

Any body who is just starting or still have difficulties obtaining much needed informations on the web, will greatly appreciated this book.

Follow this link to another blog post of my to find out where to the get this -

Many thanks to Monoeye Publishing for the review sample. Keep up the good work guys.

I almost forgot - Justinusbuilds also made quite a nice video review of the book so you should go check it out as well. Actually, I will post the video here. Have a look and subscribe to his channel as well if possible. 

I wish you all a happy new year and may you all enjoy more models this year. 


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