Monday, 13 January 2014

W.I.P 1/35 DANA 152 mm - Part 1

Hello all.

Happy new year to you all and hope you had a nice year end. This kit will be my first build log for the year 2014. I am almost ( about 98%) finished with the Nashorn so I decided to open up a new box which I have been eyeing to open since I bought it.

I planned to make a full step-by-step build log hence I have taken a lot of pictures so please bear with me on this.

Here is the box -


And the sprue shots-

This baby has quite a lot of parts and is very well detailed. Let's start shall we-
The instruction asked to start from the cab but I decided to start from the chassis and frame -

A lot of ejector pin marks there which have been tackled with Deluxe material's perfect plastic putty.
Which is followed up those two little things on the front and back 

Followed up by the front 4 wheels suspension -

A lot of steps and parts for that block, which goes on the chassis ( is that what is is called?? ) like so -

What comes next is the drive shaft -

which goes on to the chassis like so -

I then put up the suspensions for the rear four wheels -

and this goes on the chassis and attaches with the drive shaft -

The instruction calls to put on the engine but I didn't want to do it yet so I moved on to the lower half of the front cab -
The out side -

The inside. 
With the inside, I decided to fully paint it before hand as I plan to show the front wind shield cover open. I didn't do a great job with the painting as it won't be that visible anyway. Just enough to imply it is there.

I didn't want to wast time or paint so I quickly build up the upper half of the front cab and painted it as well -

Well, I will stop here for the first update. See you next update.


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