Saturday, 31 December 2011

Entering the MAC forums' 2012 Mecha Contest

Simply put and to the Point - you need this poster to qualify in our 2012 Mecha Contest at MAC forums.

Your WIP thread at our forums should start with the photo of your kit with this poster as the background. We understand that some modelers like to keep their builds themselves or simple just can't take photo step by step,thus you need not be detailed with your WIPs, just make sure they are informative enough and would have the poster in the beginning of the thread.

Here is the step by step break down from one of the creator on how to enter the contest. It has been to show the basic, simplest steps on how to enter so you would not have problems.

We hope to see your work very soon in the Contest WIP Threads and hope you all have fun with this contest.

If you need any further info and or need to ask question, just drop by to the official Q&A and rules thread.

Start your engine gents .... and let it rip.........


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