Sunday, 11 December 2011

Special Feature 1.2 - Kamm's Ground type Sazabi (HG)

Hello there Ladies ( if there are any) and gents .... Once again, its time for the little birdy to blog again....

And that's right ... you saw it in the title... Another special feature ... a few moons back, I made a first special feature and this is the second one .... and in the special feature, I will be featuring a ground-breakin, breath-taking work for one of the Legend of MAC and ADMIN of. MAC . A man with a golden heart, who goes by the name of ''' trumpet'' .....Kamm.

Now if you all could remember that I made a blog post about the build off between the Decaying Legend and the Hand Painting Assassin, You might have noticed already What I will be featuring today. But in case you don't remember, let me kindly refresh your memories with a link back to it - Here it is 

I seriously doubt Kamm will need introduction to who or what he is .. but just in case you guys forgot about him or haven't actually heard about him, let me refresh your memories - 

  • Kamm  only got into the hobby since 1 year ago, 
  • He loves to paint models - he's a painting guy, pure and simple.... 
  • He used to paint warhammer models and now, he has switched to gunpla. 
  • He HAND BRUSH his models - that's right, HAND BRUSH 
  • His most famous work is the FAZZ: FEARED ONE
  • He rose to fame after building his HLJ gundam
  • And best of all, A very very very good friend of mine.

Kamm is a very skilled modeler, most particularly  in the painting and weathering departments. He has done  a range of modeling including painting warhammer figures, clean works, weathered and the ever impressive modifying works.

If you could kindly refer back to the announcement about their build off, Decay and Kamm decided to mod a HIGH GRADE Sazabi into their own version. Kamm choose to work on a ground  type and he really went all out on his sazabi.

To go along with this concept, and of course with some help from me ( hehe, just kidding) ... he choose to go with a two tone green colour scheme just as you would see a real war machine in the outside world.

And don't let this blow you away  but the whole kit has been hand painted. You saw it right, , Hand painted... I will be damned if I could find a single brush stroke on that thing... Always tried to look for one so that I could rub it in his face.. but damn, I still can't find one... LOL

Just with Decay's sazabi, You may be wondering why I featuring this exclusively while I have my own chapter, featuring Kamm's work...  Well, here's a list of why -
1st - a very very magnificent piece of model
2nd - the mods are just too realistic, I am a military geek and I can assure you, he made everything practical and realistic 
3rd - one of the best weathering I have seen
4th - amazing paint and clour scheme, Certified by this Military Geek ( me !!)
5th - perfect decals 

I could go on and on about this Sazabi ... but Why prolong the photo section?? You guys properly can't wait anymore ...
So without Further Ado, I present to you ....

A simple yet beautiful wallpaper made by  Kamm himself -

And as you know, is a Vloger so here is his video he made for this baby -

Kamm doesn't have a blog but you can see many more photos and the discussion over at the the offical Thread over at MAC.

I hope you will find this Sazabi as magnificent and beautiful as I do. Lets give Kamm a round of applause for completing such a monster and please DO visit his channel to give feedback, add friend or subscribe.

Oh, and if by any chance you know Kamm  or if he has helped inspire you or helped you in modeling or whatever it is, please do click the picture below and check the tread out.
Posted Image
You will know what I'm talking about and What is going on and What to do after visiting that page. So please please, do visit that page.

I hope this post has been a fun to read one.
As usual, thanks so so much for being such supportive and kind readers.



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