Thursday, 1 December 2011

Special Feature 1.1 - Decay's Space Type Sazabi (HG)

Hello there Ladies ( if there are any) and gents .... Once again, its time for the little birdy to blog again....

And that's right ... you saw it in the title... A special feature .... for one of the Legend of MAC. . and the name of the Legend is Decay.

Now if you all could remember that I made a blog post about the build off between the Decaying Legend and the Hand Painting Assassin, You might have noticed already What I will be featuring today. But in case you don't remember, let me kindly refresh your memories with a link back to it - Here it is 

Right, now, I'm pretty sure You all know who Decay is but there maybe some who don't know so let me re-introduce him again -

  • Decay has been modelling for over 20 years
  • He only started working on Gunpla for a mere two year
  • Decay was only scarcely active at figure FM once
  • He became an active member of MAC as soon as he register
  • He now hold the Meister status in MAC, which is a moderator level
  • He hails from Germany
  • And best of all, A very very very good friend of mine.

Decays is a very skilled modeler, doing a range of modeling including painting figures, clean works, diorama, weathered and the ever impressive modifying works.

If you could kindly refer back to the announcement about their build off, Decay and Kamm decided to mod a HIGH GRADE Sazabi into their own version. Decay choose a space type and worked on and boy-oh-boy, did he mod it or what.

To do justice to the space theme, he went for a Gray Red color scheme tha was inspired by one of his favorit games - Mass Effect.

And hang on to your hats cos the next fact will blow you away ... The whole kit has been hand painted. That's right, Hand painted... I will be damned if I could find a single brush stroke on that thing... ( thank god I didn't.. :P )

You may be wondering why I featuring this exclusively while I have my own chapter, featuring Decay's work...  Well, here's a list of why -
1st - a very very magnificent piece of model
2nd - the mods are legendary - it's not even the Saz anymore .... its been DECAYED
3rd - one of the best weathering I have seen
4th - amazing paint and clour scheme, screams out ''alien'' or ''space''
5th - perfect decals

I could go on and on about this Sazabi ... but Why bore you out ???
So without Further Ado, I present to you ....

that's a wallpaper Decay made for this baby.... great isn't it ?? Love it ...

There are loads more photos at Decay's own personal Blog - Here is the link so if you want to see more, just jump over there .... And if you are interested in reading about it, you can always visit the offical Thread over at MAC.

I hope you will find this Sazabi as magnificent and beautiful as I do. Lets give Decay a round of applause for completing such a monster and please DO visit his blog to give feedback.

OH, I almost forgot, here are some BEFORE/AFTER pics -

I hope this post has been a fun to read one.
As usual, thanks so so much for being such supportive and kind readers.