Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Inspiring WIPS of MAC forum - Part 1

Greetings my dear readers

I woke up today, with the Perfect Gundam almost finished, nothing do and I was browsing stuffs on the MAC forum's WIPs and this idea just came into my mind - 

'' Why not make a Blog post which show off all the inspiring builds (WIPs) of the MAC Forum''

That said, here I am, ready to make a blog post with a list of great looking, awe inspiring, and educational WIPs .... 

So, lets stop the chit chat and get right on to business - 

I will go descending, sorted by date, alright? Let's start -

Ok, seriously, as you all know, WE of MAC are about 80% modders so the amount of inspiring wips is just too much at at 24 pages, I don't wanna bog down the blog post with too much links ...... So..... 

I will leave this much in the first post and I will continue posting more in the 2nd post and so on so forth ...... 

I hope these links are helpful to you as they have been for me ... 

MAC support, encourage and follows the unofficial rules of showing step by step and detailed works done and I have no doubt everybody who read this post will be able to benefits from those WIPs.... 

Until Next Post ...
Stay Tuned For More


  1. Great idea Gary, I will do similar posts on my blog (in Slovak language).
    Hope these WIP posts will bring a new inpsiration and enthusiasm into our small Slovak&Czech mecha comunity 8-)

  2. You are more then welcome to do in a similar fashion ... as long as the gunpla/gundam love is spreading ... I am happy happy .. :P ..... Thanks for reading