Monday, 2 September 2013

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Lowe WIP - Part 5

Alright Gentleman.. time for an update. I do apologize for the delay between the updates as I was distracted by the Dicker Max, the tiger, the t-90 and many other family problems. 

I'm terribly sorry to leave you all hanging, IF you guys are looking forward to it. Let's get on with the update.

Last time, I stopped at the question if I should paint the tools in metallic colours. Well, I decided for it and I went ahead and painted them in a dark grey-ish metallic. 

As you can see from these pictures, I have also painted the turret, chipped and applied the decals.

As you can see from the turret front photo, I applied the barrel in grey. I read ( AND suggested ) that late war German tanks were applied in some kind of heat resistant lacquer which is a grey ( or dark grey ) colour. Having no idea what shade of grey exactly it is, I just went ahead a spray a grey I saw in front of me. 

The turret was suggested by my sister. Like the Chinese, we Burmese believe in numbers as well. I was going to pick a number ( I forgot which exactly ) that has some kind of connection with death and she said no and suggested me to pick '' 3 7 9 '' and I went with it. 

I have also finished painting the crew figures. Due to the bad lighting, I took two pictures ( with and without flash ) for each figure -
Here is the commander -

I made him a loader as I will be putting him next to the loader hatch -

This is the gunner -

I don't know what he would be - 

And I don't what is he either but he's a grumpy guy, that's no doubt LOL - 

and remember I bought a box of Great Wall hobby IR device? Here is how it look out of the box -

The box provided two options on how to put on the IR device AND provide enough parts to make two as well. I build two out of the box and scavenged the commander's IR device of the Trumpeter E-100 for the third one. Here they are - 

Here's the Driver IR device -

This is the Gunner's device -

And this is the Commander's - 

I still need to build a little hub for the wire and video feed ( if any ) to go into. I will do it later. I'm tired for now.

I also rusted up the exhaust - 

And here is how it looks minus the crew - 

Oh yeah, I also put on spilled fuel and oil stains on the wheels, the engine deck and other moving parts like the hatch. I forgot to take pictures of that. I will just show them on the finished product.

Well, that's it for now. I have bought Panzer Divisions decals and waiting for it before I finish this. I'm planning to put on the markings of the famous division my favourite general commended - The Ghost Division. Wish me luck with my research. 


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