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Review : ''The Weathering Magazine'' Issue 6 - Kursk

I'm terribly sorry. I was meant to write a review for my readers for this since I got this book back in January but as you have all noticed from my bombardment of W.I.P posts and completed posts, I have been busy. I do apologize that it took me quite some time to review.

Right. So this is the issue from THE Mig and the gang ( after all the AK problems ) that we all have been waiting anxiously, fearing it might have been cancelled. Luckily it wasn't and I was so excited, happy and relieved  to see this coming out and I bought it straight away and again, as usual, I was not disappointed.

As far as I have researched, this was meant to be about only Dioramas and vegetation but it coincided with the anniversary of the Battle of Kursk so they decided to incorporate the battle of Kursk theme to the dios and vegetation and vehicles.

The magazine is printed on a very high quality glossy and thick paper as usual with a total of 88 pages. As always, the book is packed with superb photography, great models, good captions, and some interesting eye candy!

Obviously, we are greeted with the cover -

And once you turn the page, you are greeted with a wall of text from the chief editor ( which I forgot to take photo of .. sorry )

and then after that, you will come to the contents

And the first chapter ''KURSK HISTORY OF FAILURES'' comes into view -

Inspired by photographic legend, Miguel Jimenez delivers a magnificent model of popular Ferdinands displayed after being captured by Soviet soldiers after the Battle of Kursk. Here, Mig will show you, in step by step, how to create a life like model that has gone through a harsh battle with many debris from artillery thrown on board.

As always, TWM likes to put in small articles between chapters. Following the first chapter is the first article '' BURIED ALIVE '' -

It will show how to make a small vignette created primarily using newspaper and plaster – old school methods, with 1/48 scale T34 made by Rick Lawler.

The second chapter follows after that -

Sergiusz Peczek performs his artistry using a wide range of painting and weathering techniques to bring to life the hardened steel pride of the Soviet tank brigades – the T34 with the title ''SOVIET STEEL PRIDE''

The third chapter follows-

Aircraft experts; Javier de Anca and Ricardo Medina team-up to demonstrate aircraft weathering on the tank-busting Junkers Ju 87G-1 in this chapter aptly named ''TANK BUSTER  ''.

Following the third chapter is the second article -

TIGERS IN THE DUST; Inspired by the dry and dusty Kursk groung, Pere Valls made a Tiger I from this famous battle.

The fourth chapter follows this -

Joaquin Garcia Gazquez contributes to Kursk theme with the Soviet IS-152, distressed and weathered to reflect the hard fought summer battle with the title '' HEAVY HITTER ''

After that, follows the third article -

John Murphy will show some simple techniques in this chapter '' ML-20 152MM HOWITZER DIORAMA '' to produce realistic grass and how to make a simple generic tree the compliment the main model piece.

The following chapters and articles after this will show you to learn and enjoy making vegetation for our dioramas and vignettes. As always, these techniques will be explained by some of the best modellers in the world.

The fourth article '' GARDENING THE BACKYARD '' is the first thing you will see for the second part of the book -

This article, by Ruben Gonzales, will show you how to detail a backyard wall with vegetation.

Following that is the fifth chapter -

''DEEP ROOTS, SCALE TREES'' by Javier Soler shows the techniques, tools and materials to easily make a variety of realistic scale model trees. He will show you how to make 3 types of tree, each with its own type of material.

The sixth chapter directly follows -

Marc Reusser tackles the scum of the earth-Moss-as he details this picture perfect side-alley garage scene in '' A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS ''.

The 7th and final article for the book follows -

In ''NUCLEAR AUTUMN IN PRIPYAT'', Alexandre Duchamp will show you how to make wet, cold, overgrown autumn scene with a touch of post apocalyptic feel.

The 7th and final chapter for the book comes afterward -

In ''TRUCK TRASH'', Chulho Yoo will show step by step on how to make a  An abandoned, decaying truck and lush, grassy field. A really great step by step tutorial to those who wish to but don't have the know how to do so.

After that, follows a short two page of how-to make vegetation on table top mini vehicles and a page of informations about unit insignia at Kursk.

The final pages are a special chapter titled '' CHOOSE THE RIGHT VEGETATION PRODUCTS'' and  TWM will show some of vegetation product that can be useful for dioramas and vignettes. This is immensely useful for people who, like me, are starting to build dios.

Finally, you will come to the last page with the preview for Issue 7 -

The book had certainly helped me improve my knowledge on dioramas. Like Rust, Dust and oil and mud, before this, I only have a small amount of knowledge when it comes to dioramas and vegetations.
If you are somebody who just started to dwell into the greatly complicated world of diorama, OR somebody who is weak in this department, you definitely should get it without a second thought. It may not be the encyclopaedia of dioramas but this will definitely set you on your ways.



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