Monday, 17 November 2014

Dual speed-build: KV-5 and JS-4 - Part 1

Right .. so with the T-80 finished ( photos to be taken ), I decided to go for something more simpler. The T-80 was a complicated kit and it really tired me out so I need something to chill and enjoy more. Looking into my back-log, I remembered my JS-4 and my very freshly acquired KV-5. Knowing that those twos are simple kits ( albeit the JS-4 is not as simple as the KV-5 as it is from Trumpeter), and they will take me less time than the other ones, I decided to do a dual build.

I will not be taking sprue shots of this as I have already done reviews for both kits -
JS-4 - ... oviet.html

KV-5 - ... v-5_2.html

so let's get started.

Here's the two box stacked together

I first started on the Takom KV-5 as I can't wait to start it. It is my favourite premium tank in WoT after all and not to mention I want to check out Takom's quality.
So I started with the hull, it was in 4 pieces, the bottom plate, front lower glacis and rear plate are separately moulded.

The fit was not horrible but not great so I had to exert quite some force and had be to careful.

After that, it was the suspension arms, the shock absorbers and the little thingys that stop the arms from swing too much ( I forgot what they are called.. please remind me)

Comes the time for the wheels. Each wheels is made up of four parts but they went on fairly quickly. I glued them on from the first go as the wheels are very loose and keep falling down. 

Before I carried on with the engine deck, I decided to make the track runs. It took me one whole day as this is a freakishly long vehicle. The tracks are moulded well but won't stay together well and keep popping out so a lot of force is required to click them together and glue them.

And I'm sure you will notice the two domes ( R2-D2 ) is textured. I'm pretty sure these would have been casted ( conclusion drawn from my own education background and feasible war time production accounts) and the kit has NO texturing moulded in. So tamiya putty to the rescue -

Painted the tracks and the lower hull ( sorry the lower hull is not showing well. crappy lights) 

Alright, so I'm happy with the KV-5 and now on to the JS-4.
As always, we start with the lower hull -

We start with the little thingys that stop the arms from swing too much and after that, the arms - 

The JS-4 really has a low suspension design giving the vehicle such a low height.

Comes the wheels after that. The wheels are 4 piece a pop and made well.

Now comes the time for the tracks. Strangely, this is the best tracks I have ever done from Trumpy. Took care of the whole thing in just one morning ( about 4 hours ) and voila - 

Painted the lower hull and the tracks - 

I haven't got to the upper hull yet as it still have some works to be done before I can glue the two halves together.

So this is it for now. I will catch ya guys in the next update.


  1. Hey, really nice work there. Was wondering where did you get the stand from? Am looking for such a stand where I do not need to drill any holes into my model. Appreciate if you can share that info with me.

  2. Hi mate. Thanks for the kind words. The stand is actually a sand for the Gundams. They come with three different sizes of the grips and I just used the grip that fits on the VF-11 gunpod and voila.

  3. Got it! Thanks so much!