Sunday, 9 November 2014

''Its your model so your choice'' - is it getting overplayed?

So, as you all are aware, I am building my T-80 and after my latest update as I was stumped on how to weather it so I asked at the end of my update '' any idea how I should weather it guys? ''. 

As or now, I have shared the T-80 WIP across 4 forums and surprisingly, there was only one suggestion/discussion/advice regarding my question. 

Much as I am more than grateful to that forum user ( for privacy purpose, I will not be disclosing his username), he ended the back and forth discussion of how to put on the weathering with ''Its your model so your choice'' and reading that makes me think this -
'' That sentence is so played-out, overplayed to the same extent as there have been many movies and TV series about Romeo and Juliet ''. (ok that example may not be the perfect one but it was at the top of my head :P )

I have been seeing this sentence used by the people giving advice and getting advice over the forums and many facebook pages and it has been bugging me for quite some time.

Feedback is a very crucial thing to improve as you may all know. All these pages and forums exist so that we can share our work and give/receive feedback on top of making friends and chilling out. So, why in heaven's sake is this sentence so overused? Why do most people respond that if they any kind of comment? Why do people say that at the end of their input/suggestion should they are given? 

Fair enough there are dicks out there; I myself have faced quite a bit of dicks and their sarcastic words that normally come from Aholes. Cases like this, one can say '' it's my model so F**k off ''. It is justified. ( After talking with my good friends I choose not to show what was said to me.)

But what about this kind of situation?

I really enjoy getting feedback like this. I replied with my most sincerest gratitude and thanks.

But you know what? I have seen people respond with the same ''' its my model, my choice '' or a much more widely used ''I build models for my enjoyment'' to a properly written and positive constructive critique/feedback. I have faced such response myself, being told off like that after giving a constructive comment ( sadly, I forgot where though but I distinctly remember more than twice response). What I don't understand is why do people respond in such way.

Why do people who give suggestion or advice use that ?
Why do people answering question use that?
Why do people respond to critiques with that phrase?

''It's my model so my choice '' - is it getting really used too much to the point it's starting to annoy you? What do you guys think ? 

Just some food for thoughts...

P.S - my apologies if I offended anybody. Just sharing my thoughs.


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