Saturday, 15 November 2014

''Which gunpla should I buy?'' - a question that is getting annoying

I have been brooding weather or not I should be posting this but after talking with GundamUK and both having agreed that this is not a contentious issue I decided to go with it.

I have already wrote something similar 3 years ago ( LINK ) but I guess it got buried under my avalanche of wips and finished product posts.

So....... the issue at hand ... the question of '' What gunpla should I buy? ''.

Like seriously? Really seriously?
The answer to that stupid question is a really simple answer ( and again, I will refer back to the post I made 3 years ago) - BUY WHAT EVER YOU LIKE.

Even if the question is '' I have an option of two; which one I should buy? '', the answer is the same bloody one. Cases like this, budget is out of question. Who ever asking it obviously has enough budget to spend ample money on a kit. Fair enough, if a question was worded differently like '' I have a budget of this amount. What can I get?? '', hell, I would even go out of my way and drop links (ebay, HLJ whatever) on his/her question.

The question of what I should buy is really really moot in gunpla. Let me give you an example taken from the scale modelling world -

That is just one type of vehicle ( an early version Tiger I) made by 7 companies. Just one type of one vehicle made by 7 companies. ( and there ARE thousands of different kits). And this is only all in 1/35. There are other scales. Cases like this, sure ask away because some people have build all, others some of it. Get some insightful comparison from people who build them. 

The only case like this that I can think of in the Gunpla modelling world is the case of the Grand-daddy, RX-78. There are so many version of it ( 6 versions of it if memory serves me) and if something like '' Guys, which version of RX-78 should I buy?'' is asked, people would be happy to help. I see that as a question with a little bit of research behind unlike the other spoon-feeding question

Apart from that, there's hardly any case of the same suits being made in different version. Fair enough some of the suits was given the 2.0 but who's gonna buy the 1.0 version at this time and age anyway? So question of '' What (or which) gunpla should I buy?'' is a really really moot question and it's just annoying. I see that question at least once a day on no less then 5 different FB groups. 

The answer is simple - BUY WHATEVER THAT ONE YOU LIKE. 

I am well aware I am coming down as very blunt and could well be sounding downright arrogant but I been in this hobby for 7 years ( in both the scale modelling world and gunpla world ) and seeing that question all the time is just piss-taking ( my intent, however, is not to offend anybody but rather a heads-up of the stupid annoying thing that is happening). I'm not the only one at this as you can see from this screen shot -

I would like to post this picture that basically sums up what I and other liked minded people ( and my friends included of course) think about that stupid question ( one of the many, in fact) -

 Happy modelling. 


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