Friday, 15 April 2011

MAC Forums NEW front page is up!


As you can see from the pictures, the new front page of our MAC forum is now up. This is basically just a soft launch for our new MAC Forums front page! We now have our very own front page for the forums, it has it's own domain and has a RSS feed of it's own.

As it is completely new and still under construction, the look and layout of the front page is rather plain, but it is just the temporary template before the great team behind the scence change it to a better looking design. The sole purpose of the front page is to feature the great contributions inside the forums and a RSS feed is also enabled, allowing everyone to add the URL to their BLOG ROLLs.

As a member of the moderating team of MAC, I would like to ask that  we would deeply appreciate if our fellow bloggers could add the new MAC Forums URL to their Blog Rolls / List and change all their MAC Forums links to the new URL as well. 

Here is the link of our new MAC Forums front page...

Thanks  for reading and I hope to see MAC Forums in your blog rolls! Thanks as always for the support and Stay TUNED for more updates as we will be making upgrades..


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