Monday, 4 April 2011

MAC Forums First Anniversary contest 2011

 It has been almost a year since MAC was born and on July 14th, it will be our very first anniversary. To commemorate for this very first birthday of our forum, we  are happy to announce that we have a contest open for ALL our members in time for our anniversary.

The contest is basically a wallpaper making contest of any of your Gunpla. Any number of kits, any grade and multiple number of entries is allowed. NO rules on the limitation of the look of the wallpaper, It could be a nice realistic photo of a Zaku strolling on a city block or an effects heavy design of multiple kits.

The contest is generously sponsored by GG Infinite and a FREE Real Grade kit will be shipped to the winner with the most impressive design. Entries should be submitted and posted in our MAC Forums on or before June 30, 2011 ( in thumbnails ). 

Participants are allowed to submit multiple entries placed in their own thread. Here is the link to where you need to submit your entries guys...
submit your WALLPAPER here

All MAC members are allowed to join in our little contest. We are also welcoming new members to register and to submit their wallpaper for submission. If you are interested and want to get in on the fun or if you are not registered yet, come on over and join us -
MAC Forum


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