Thursday, 14 July 2011

Happy first Birthday MAC!!!!!!!!

This is a day of joy for those of us in MAC. This is the day, our beloved forum, turns 1, its very first birthday. This is the day the admin team made the forum and invited us ( including me ) on facebook to drop by to the forum and, well, do our stuffs. LOL.

Like Don said, it has been really really hectic this time around last year. There were barely enough members back then, a skeleton crew, not too many posts. But luckily, the very first batch of members and admin and mod teams really pull through together. Kudos to those founding members for doing such a great job keeping this forum alive it delivering this to what it is today. 

I can remember that day just like yesterday. It was fun, it was exciting. A birth of a forum, a forum that aim to break the bad trends of nowadays forum cultures. MAC was originally planned to be a local Philippines but one thing led to another and, well, we are now becoming an international community.

In commemorating this event we have just finished our MAC Forums Gunpla Wallpaper contest which was won by DECAY and was sponsored generously by our good friend Gundam Guy.

We aimed to and We WILL continue to help inspire more people through our forum and our We we also try to continue to be one of the friendliest Gunpla forums while maintaining the quality of resources inside the forums. 

To show where MAC stands now, here are some stats about the forum ( copied shamelessly from Don's blog... forgive me don.. hehehe ) .

  •  Zero - banned members since ever!

  • 38,000 forum posts by all the members

  • 1,237 members both here in the Philippines and Internationally

  • 26 users - average users online at any given time of the day

  • 32 VIP members including some of the best in the world today

  • 490 completed and painted kits in the main Launch Pad

  • 163 Scale dioramas in the diorama section

  • 33 resin kits completed in the resin section

  • 452 ongoing projects in the work shop section

  • 233 tutorials about anything modeling related

  • Once again THANK YOU to all our dearest members! We believed Forums are made by the members of the community and obviously, you guys are what making this forums great! Now I leave you with a nice thread of what most of our members think of the forums since it's inception...

    What our members think of MAC Forums


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