Sunday, 17 July 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 2

Alright, i think its time i do some little update ...

Remeber that I wanted to give it a mouth in the torso ?? yep.. i have been working on it ... just putting on some external stuffs.. like the teeth and stuffs

right.. this is the upper jaw..
Posted Image

I wanted the upper jaw to be menacing so i decided to give it all curved, fang like teeth... they are a tad long but i love them .... Kamm did say they look more like spike .... but i'm a little bit lazy to change them so I had to improvise on the lower jaw..

You can see what the lower jaw look like from that pic.. but just for you guys to be able to see it clearly -
Posted Image

That is the lower jaw and the teeth design is suggested by out man-love-hungry crew, Decay, Kamm and Mars. Thank you and love you guys.

The lower jaw is kinda flat and I believe those teeth could use some 3D effects... they too small and very very randomly shaped to do my Stacking method so i may use putty... not too sure.. but thinking of making them 3D instead of flat... we will see

Next, i was looking around where i can give him more mouth with teeth... and this strikes me ..
Posted Image

i cut it off and put in plates, ready for the sculpting + plating to begin
Posted Image

This is gonna be a sanding and masking nightmare... bloody hell.... but that ain't stopping me....

Thanks for reading guys. stay tuned


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