Tuesday, 5 July 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 1

Hey you guys... Now the I am at the priming and clean up/checking stage for my Noir, I kinda lost my mojo so to keep myself busy to, well, forget about some certain things, I make and early WIP of a new project ...

Which is this
Posted Image
This is my snap-fitted MG Perfect gundam, and handpainted in some areas... I adore this suit.. and I been wanting to work on it.. and after the mecha and noir, i feel leveled up so.. here i am ...working on it ..

This is what i have in mind
Posted Image
To turn that uber-ugly MG version (which is on the left) to the GFF version, designed by katoki himself ( the right one )

This is gonna be another months long project I presume.. well, fingers crossed...

Right, the very first thing I did is scavaged the HG 144 Freedom like so ...
Posted Image

and the 2nd thing i did is to level-off the shield like launcher thingy on the right hand like so ..
Posted Image
I had to level it off like you see in the pic (as you already guessed from the pic of the freedom cannons) so that i can attach the cannons of the freedom on the thingy

And lastly for today... I made this on the thigh...
Posted Image

got tired of just plating trapezoids and triangles that I plated a somewhat peculiar design.. haha... well, that's it for today...

Stay Tuned for more and Thank you very very much


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