Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Apocalypse is coming to MAC

Don't be alarmed. Not really. Its just a build-off between 4 members of MAC. The concept is the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

This build-off is headed by none other then one of our beloved Admin of MAC, Kriz. According to him, he just woke up one morning and bam, he got the idea ( I wonder what kind of med has he been taking, I could use one or two of what's he taking LOL, anyway) and shared with us about the idea. 

He got pretty hyped by the idea and started working on it right and soon after, another one of MAC Amir_anti_yosi , saw what kriz was doing to his kit and since he was also doing the same thing, he proposed a build off to kriz. Kriz accepted and it became a two person build-off and then, one of our very own, original and founding member/ global moderator ( a good friend of mine to boot), vanz anazasi saw the build off and asked to join and now he is accepted into the group-build-off. They still need one more person to fill in for the last horseman though.

Kriz is working on the 2nd horseman, WAR 
here is a preview of his work 
Posted Image

Amir_anti_yosi is working on the fourth and final horseman, DEATH
here is a preview of his work 
Posted Image

vanz anazasi is working on the very first horseman, PESTILENCE
here is a preview of his work 
Posted Image

We are still in need of the last horseman, Famine. 
They are still on the look out and are recruiting the last horseman. If you are interested in this build-off, just contact kriz

Edit - I have been accepted as the last remaining horseman and I will be building Famine.. :P... oh excited .... You can check out my WIP on this blog or if you prefer, you can visit the forum and see my WIP there. I will be dropping the link below, so don't worry.

I have to say I am pretty damn well impressed with kriz for coming up with this idea. True, the theme is not exactly a good catch but what the hey... as long as the concept is good and the final results are great, that's all that matter. 

If you want to read more about the builds WIP and the discussion, just drop by to MAC or just you can click on those individual links 

Kriz's second horseman, WAR
Amir_anti_yosi's fourth horseman, DEATH
vanz anazasi's first horseman, PESTILENCE
Hummingbird's third horseman, Famine

Just for connivance sake and in case you don't know those modelers, I dropped links to their respective blogs.
Kriz's blog
Amir's blog
Vanz's blog

All three of them are veteran builders and all there of them are good. Wondering who the fourth addition could be, lets sit back and watch those three monster builders build three monster kits. Will definitely keep you guys updated.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading.


  1. BE THE FOURTH BRO !!!!! COME AND JOIN US !!! sorry capslocked..ha ha ha!! XD

  2. BE THE FOURTH BRO !!!!! COME AND JOIN US !!! sorry capslocked..ha ha ha!! XD