Sunday, 27 March 2011

Featured Modellers Chapter 1.2 - Kamm's HLJ MkII

Greetings dear readers. In this second sub-section of the chapter one of Featured Modellers, I will be featuring the one and only HLJ (Hobby Link Japan) Gundam of a dear friend of mine, the one that we from MAC know and love as Kamm.

This is a piece of work that which he is so proud of ( and obviously, the one which he keeps showing off.. LOL.. just kidding Kamm :P ) and I agreed with him being so proud of this kit. Not only this kit has superb battle damage and weathering details, but the paint is top-notch too. As usual, Kamm who loves painting model kits, painted this kit entirely by hand. I know most people won't believe this but if you look very close, there's still one or two brush stokes some where (my eye sight bad, so I couldn't really pick them out, sorry about that) and that is indeed proof that he hand painted it.

And the weathering and battle damages he did on this kit is purely amazing. It is not amazing because it looks great ( basically these are just basic battle damages and weathering) but it is amazing the way the battle damages actually turned out. He used simple and basic techniques to weather, including washes and dry bushing and he just used a power tool to make those battle damage. That's why that is amazing, using simple methods to make those effects and they turned out perfect.

Kamm is a active member of Gunpla.TV and the way he came across to this agreement to make this the offical HLJ sheme gundam is a quite an interesting one too. This is the full account of how that came by, straight from the modeler's mouth -  
'''He pmd me asking me to send pictures and a write up to them so they could feature it, next a few weeks went by. I finished my "THe-O" and uploaded that. They then asked me if I would do a tutorial on how to
battle damage/weather kits. And I said would you like me to do it in the HLJ theme. And they said yeh '''

On top of that, he got that kit for free ( lucky guy.. hate him :P ).. 
Nevertheless, it is always healthy for the eyes to see a great piece of gunpla and as a dear friend of him, I am proud to present his greatest achievement in his modelling career.

Here's the YouTube link for the finished model if you want to see more
and here's the tutorials on how he did those effects -

I hope you dear readers will love this gundam as much I love it. Thanks for reading and Stay Tuned.


  1. Thanks for featuring this Gary! your a good friend :) x

  2. I can do no less for a dear friend, my brother

  3. Thanks for featuring this Gary! your a good friend :) x