Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Featured Modellers Chapter 3.1: Decay's The-O

Hello dear readers. In this chapter 3 of my featured modeller series, I will be proudly presenting a very very beautiful kit done by a fellow modeller from MAC, who is also a member of a group of close friend. His name is Marc Meyer, known as Decay on MAC and this beautiful piece of his work that will be presented is a one of kind THE-O.

Decay was only scarcely active at figure FM once and when he knew about MAC, he became an active member right away (although I honestly have no idea how he knew of MAC :P ). He has then graced MAC with a magnificent piece of art and his contribution to the forum is very very enormous.

Decay has been modelling for over 20 years, working on the warhammer figures and Lord Of the Rings figures. He has only started working on Gunpla for a mere two year. And this THE-O is the second project that he has done, by project, I mean like customising, modding project, not including OOTB.

Decay airbrushed this baby with desert yellow all over and did weathering with hairspray and pastel. The modding he has done include moving of the hidden arms to the elbows, making the chest look more boxy, bulky, major changes on the feet and some cosmetics changes here and there and of course, major works on the gun.

Now, what's great of this kit is that, Decay turned the THE-O into his own style, his own concepts and that concepts just turned out awesome. By my count, ( keep in mind of my hate for the THE-O), I have only seen 3 or 4 other THE-O, and two are Kamm's and Don's. The weathering Decay put on this massive kit is just simply amazing, subtle and realistic. And with the new cosmetic changes, who else can argue that this is not beautiful??

I hope you will love this THE-O as much as I do. More info about this build can be seen at the forum thread here. Enjoy and Stay Tuned for more updates. Thanks for reading.