Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A few words about Airbrushes from my good Friend

Right.. it has been a while since I have posted a tutorial but this is not really a tutorial but rather a sharing of some great ( and I do mean great ) points regarding airbrushes from an artist who does this for a living.

His name is Chriz Zeigler and apart from looking like a big mean ogre with huge shrek-like hands, he's a great guy and really great with airbrushes that have earned him the title, '' The Colour Whisperer ''.  Many of you guys who frequent to the Mecha Lounge Forum will recognize this lovable giant as Big Z. Do drop by to his company's page on FB here to check out his works, oh, and he also takes custom paint work order as well. So, if you have a motercycle helmet or something that need some sick paint work, he's the one to go to.

Okay... now that introduction is done, lets get on it ....
Out of the woodwork, he made a video giving out some great pointers for those who just got their first Airbrushes

So if you got your first Airbrush or still a noob in using Airbrush ...
I just couldn't stress it enough.....

You will definitely get clogged Airbrushes and you will need to maintain your Airbrushes in tip top condition. In the next video, Chris talked about how to do just that.

So you are , like me , still suck at maintaining your Airbrushes, you definitely have to watch this.

NEXT up, he made a video talking about primer and base coat. Speaking about primer, I made this particular blog post, resharing a great article. So many people asked the same dumb question without researching '' Do I have to use Primer?? ''... and the answer to that is , YES. Chris even mention that in this video as well so use Primer.

Now, those three videos should be able to make you ready for airbrushes. Many a modellers asked how to start using Airbrushes and said they are sacred of it and blah blah... but as you can see here, it is your greatest weapon. So use it as soon as you can afford it.

Well, then, that's it for this post and I hope What the '' Colour Whisperer'' said in those videos are benefical for you. They surely were for me, especially the very first video. All credit goes to Chris and don't forget to check out his works on FB or his finished model kits on the Mecha Lounge.

Until Next post and Happy modelling, you guys ......


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