Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WIP NG Providence - Part 1

Hello beautiful people .... Miss me ?? Well, here I am .. :P 

Nothing too special about this WIP .. I recently acquired an Iwata HP-CS and I want to paint more and I thought well, I should paint the Providence but then the Scratch building Shinigami in this little bird said - '' Gary, mod something '' and I just gave in to the Shinigami's will :P 

If you guys are wondering, this is the kit -

and IF any of you guys are familiar with this guy, he come with a single joint elbow ( darn you bandai )
So, I had to sit down and start figuring out how to give this guy a double joint elbow after 4 hours of brain storming and digging into my spare parts- 
I made this -

The red parts comes from my HG Bushido Ahead.

followed up by a evening of brain storming and test fitting and came up with the elbow block -

The block is build around a plastic rod.

All together, they look like this when connected - 

which allow the elbows to move like this - 

Following the elbow mod, the arm become a little long so I had to compensate the other parts for proportion sake. The Providence already has a little bit dis-proportionate torso so I decided to extend the waist by 4.5 mm 

To further secure the waist to the peg on the groin, I drilled a hole and put in a polycap like so-

All together, this guy looks like this now - 

I still need to refine the edges and a lot of sanding to come up next ... ugh .. sanding ...  (sicker) (sicker) (sicker) (sicker)

Anyway, Happy to be back to modding and stay tuned for more
While I'm at it, I feel like sharing my muse for this update -


  1. sweet Gary, good to see you do a gundam again