Saturday, 20 April 2013

WIP NG Providence - Part 2

Right ... so in order to satisfy my need for modding, I continued on with this guy ... although, with my current life and situation, I can't do time consuming big mods so I do apologize in advance... 

Ok.... so I was never heavy with how this thing look with huge shoulders and quite normal legs so I decided to build up a side boosters for them -
I started off with a block over the sides- 

and extended them further like so - 

and after that, I just glued on the little koto vents like so and voila -

And I decided to extend the thighs to compensate for the extended length of the waists and the elbows -

They are extended by exactly 4.5mm, if anybody is wondering how much.

This is the ''before '' shot -

and This is the '' after '' shot -

I really hated the NG hands that came along with the kits so decided to used the movable fingers that I bought a year ago.. :P

I love those hands, be careful though, they are quite a bit on the  fragile side

And to further explain what I did next, I have to re-cap on the previous work -

As you can see, the top part of the elbow joint block looks ugly without anything to fill in the gap between the joint and the upper arm part ( the Red part ). So after tweaking around- I put on a small slab like so -

Its still messy but you can see a small plate going into the upper arm ... it also cover the huge gap when looking from behind as well so it was a two bird with one stone work. 

I noticed the front part of the elbow is really boring so I put on a koto part that I saw lying around and I also put on some putty over the curvy portion of the red parts to flash out the curvy portions and make then rectangular to coincide with the rest of the boxy features of the kit -

What comes next would paint staking hours of sanding to get a nice, flash, upper arm ... hooo boy 

Well, like I said, I haven't done anything big so this is all I can update at this time. Sorry in advance and Thank you for your support as always and please stay tuned. 

And here's the muse for the update today .. ( lately I been listening to cyber/industrial music ) -