Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WIP - 1/35 Dicker Max Part 2

Alright guys ... I got an update for you guys ....

I was dreading this as I don't have any experiences dealing with PZIV suspensions but hey, that's always the first try so gritting my teeth, I manage to put them on like no-

Following up by those little pieces between the bogies ( I honstely don't know what they are called)

After that, I pou on the front glacis plate and the little hub for the driver. The driver hatch is still left open as I cannot decide whether to put in a driver figure or not

Following that is a Transmission block for each side

As usual from Dragon, The freaking instruction was not clear and I ended up with these transmissions :/

Skipping ahead and I tried to put on some PE on some tool boxes

The tool box goes on and so are those two supports ( I guess ) for the super structure

Followed by the Idler wheels with the PE from the kit

and the Idler wheels axel -

and 16 road wheels that are still without the rubber rim

and I skipped ahead the instruction and started putting some tools on the fenders. So many PE to put on and progress is really slow so I have finished only two ...

That's it for this update .... until next update ... stay tuned.


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