Tuesday, 23 April 2013

WIP - 1/35 Dicker Max Part 4

Hello guys... Managed to squeezed some time out and put some small stuffs on the D.Max ...

Im quite embarrased to say this but I have no idea if this is actually how the rounds are stored but IMO, it was the only logical things so I just went ahead and did this -

and the ammunation boxes are arranged as follow -

I'm assuming the longer one is where the charges are stored and the smaller omes, the shells ( Gonna have to find out )

Followed by some bibs and bobs on the rear upper wall of the super structure, I believe that is the Rammer  -

Made the jack, put on the PE on it and glued down with CA -

Replaced the Kit's shovel with the Eduard PE part and managed to put it on nice and tight into the cover -

Followed by what I belived to be gun cleaning rods -

In the next two picture, you will see what happens when laziness strikes.. LOOL
I got sooo lazy to paint the tyres individually that I just pour some vallejo model colour black ( only slightly thinned) and just dump the tyres into the paint like so -

after a few more minutes ... VOILA -

Its good to be lazy sometimes... LOL.. saves me alot of time ...

And to prepare for the track application ( which is a nightmare for me ), I painted the lower hull and wheels and suspensions beforehand and put on the tyres on the wheels like so -

Now, I can focus on putting on the freaking tracks .. Gosh, I hate them... well, wish me luck ... thank you for the support as always and stay tuned for more

And my Muse for this update ... ENJOY


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