Thursday, 31 March 2011

Build Off - Davime Vs Krescenhaze

Hello Dear readers, first of all , i would like to thank you for your time for reading my posts..
and second of all I would like to share this banner -

Yes, this is another Build-off between to active members of MAC. Both of them are the founding members of MAC and both of them are really skilled and experienced.

As you may all know, me and Aulon had a friendly build off with the same mobile suits and then we were talking about it on skype and I believe it was Kamm that suggested Krescenhaze to have a build off like ours. They were working on the same kit and Krescenhaze was happy to go along with the idea and he proposed that idea onto Davime and afterward, it was green light.

David Ceremonia AKA Davime have been modelling for quite sometime now, as far as I know, it has been two to three years that he has been modelling. David's strong point is his unique way of plating and his massive usage of plates and making things , simply put, awesome. He has churned out a number of great kits all have been improving by ten-fold since he started this hobby.

Adrian Navarro Sicat AKA Krescenhaze is , according to my knowledge, a late comer into the hobby and a junior compared with David. But don't let the info fool you, Adrian is very very well capable of making a unique and beautiful piece of work and he has proved that months ago with his great looking IJ ( which will be featured at a later time) and the works he had done to this unicorn. Adrian's strong point is that he's good with curved surfaces and he can details thing like crazy ( believe you me).

Now, their build-off is slighty different then me and aulon's, and that is becasue they have a certain set of rules and a time limit. Acording to the two, there is a rule that the unicorns have to have their own interpretation of a Full Armor/Full Weapons System Unicorn and the time limit is running until November. Everything else, both of them can freestyle to their heart's content.

An interesting Build-off between Davime, a modeller with two to threee experiences who churning out kits and working on new projects one after another, a modeller whos leveled up have been increased in the recent time against Krescenhaze, who is a junior modeller but making his mark on the gunpla community with brute force attack by displaying a tremondous increase in skills and works - Who would be the victor when the time limit is up? Who will stand and who will fall when the dusts are settled?? Well, even I do not know that, so let's stick around and find out.

Full details of the WIPs can be found here -
Davime's RX-6 Thunderhorse Unicorn
Krescenhaze's RX-0 Unicorn

Thanks for reading and Stay Tuned


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