Monday, 8 August 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 6

Alright guys ... as promised, here is a small update I did on the famine ...

I was kinda losing my gunpla mojo in the past few days ... but since the EUGC is getting near... I got my mojo back again.. and here I am, working again.. :P

alright... on to the update ...

right, The first thing I did was I cut off those little things on the cheek...
Posted Image
I had to do it cos I had to prepare the mouth for my forthcoming works on the face .... more teeth.. more fearsome.. haha

oh, speaking of teeth.... I made a new set of mouth ...

Posted Image
I made the upper teeth first and then the lower teeth
Posted Image

and I put that mouth on the shoulder like so ..

after that, I moved on to the Gun that I recently just got an idea how to do so...
and here it is .. -
Posted Image
obviously, judging from this pic, you can see that the barrel is foldable.. just like the orginal sword of the Astrea ..

and I bulk up the barrel .. make it '''barrels '' as you can see... and glued some stuffs here and there ...
And I made those two plates as you can see in the photos ..
Posted Image

The purpose of those plates can be seen from this photo
Posted Image
I was inspired to do this by some pre-made weapon I see on the NET... I cannot remember which though ...

and some more angle shot of the gun

Posted Image
Posted Image

Right, that's it for this update ... Stay Tuned for more


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