Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What Modeling Can Offer - Part 1

Hello dear readers. Again I would like to apologize for a non-gunpla related post, but this is related to modeling in general. I always wanted to say about what I am going to say in this blog post and now that I have a blog AND that I have establish quite a little bit of foot hold in this hobby, I guess it's time I say about this. 

This post will be mainly about What This Hobby Can Offer other then a few modified Gundam kits and a beautifully weathered Scale model kits. And What This Hobby Can Offer, dear readers is the GIFT OF GREAT FRIENDS. As you all know, ( and to those who don't), I started out as a scale modeler 7 years ago. My very first kit were the Revel 1/720 Prinz Eugen and 1/720 Carl Vanson and 1/700 Bismarck ( which I do not remember the brand). Back then, I was still a high school student in Burma(Myanmar) and due to me being a naughty boy ( not the ''ahem'' kind of naughty, mind you), my sister cuts off supply to me for 3 years until I can get to London to study. That's where the real fun starts. I was doing, still, scale models by that time but moved on to gunpla for a change in early 2008 and still doing both.

At first, when I started my modeling life, I thought I had no friend, no comrade to share, I thought i would never make friends, have a social life, and the sorts. Oh, I was gravely mistaken. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet and, of course, Facebook, I get to make friends with some modelers and since those days in the early 2008, I have had so many friends and among those friends, I had the honor of calling some of them, my closest of friends, practically, family; A modeling Family. This family, have been with me through my ups and downs, happy and sad times, in good and in health ( even though we are separated by thousand of miles) and I am so proud to call them my friends and honored to be with them. 

I think it would be rather boring for me to prat by my self, so why not introduce you to the great people that I have an honor of calling great friends. This will be a long list so this title will be divided into many parts. Lets start shall we?? ... 

Glenn Burford

One of my two master in the Scale modeling society. Glenn and I have been friends ever since early 2009 and he love German Armour as much as I do and we got along really quick. Glenn is really really good with painting armour and weathering and since I was a junior back then, he really helped me a lot with anything i needed to know. Within a few months, he become my master and I was his padawan ( we love star wars :P ) and a modest man at heart, Glenn doesn't act all high and mighty even after making him a master. A master and a great friend to have, one I am proud to call my master. His works can be seen on his facebook profile, HERE.

Miguel Escobar
Miguel Escobar
Miguel Escobar, my stylish, handsome and funny friend ( and I still wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriend yet ) from South America, Columbia to be exact. I knew Miguel since Sept 2009 and Glenn was our mutual friends and because of that, I got to know this great guy. Same with Glenn, our love for German armour and our love for the knowledge of the 2nd World War lead us to a great friendship. If I recall, Miguel was also a padawan of Glenn, started modeling almost the same time as me, but damn ,he is now so getting good. What I particularly like about his models are his great great mud effects. Miguel have been a great friend since then, still a great friend and will always will be. His Works can be seen on his Facebook Profile, HERE.

Paul Velando @ the ''Virgin'' angel

I believe Paul is one of my earliest close friends I made after stepping into the gunpla modeling world. We have been friends since March 2010. I honestly can't remember how I found him on FB, but it had something to do with gunpla, naturally. We were both amateurs back then and it was not only discussion about gunpla but also about girlfriends that brought us closer. He, being a psychology major, helps me through my down and low. When I was heart-broken, he was one of the friends that actually took his time to comfort me and sooth me with his psychological knowledge. Not only with my heart break, he has help me with his knowledge through some depression time. A friend I am proud to call my brother. You can check out his works in the MAC Forum and his Youtube account.

Vanz Najoseki Hilario @ vanz anazasi

Daddy Vanz, which he loves to call himself, is a friend I made on May 2010, slightly after knowing Paul, and of cos, naturally, Paul was a mutual friend. Vanz Najoseki Hilario is a good friend, a good senior in gunpla modeling. He has taught me quite very much about gunpla, AND he is the senior that taught both me and Paul. As with Paul, he has helped me went through my down times with his witty charms and his funny mind. A true friend and a great comrade. Been good friends every since, never lost contact once. You can check out his works in his blog, DARK SIDE OF THE SUN and on MAC Forum.

Marc Meyer @ Decay

One of the legends of MAC, one of the modeler extraordinaire of MAC, Marc and I become friends shortly after Kamm come up with this idea of group Skype every bloody evening. A friend I made in the early months of 2011 yet a friend I love so so much and a brother I would call proudly. Aside from the love of gunpla, we share the passion of gaming and eating and most of all, MODDING out kits like crazy. Marc is one of my gunpla family and one that have been with me in my darkest of hours, in my neediest of time. AND he gives good advice, relationship and life-wise. He has been practically family ever since and he cracks jokes too. You can check out his works on his blog, HERE, or the MAC forum

Jonathan Kaminski @ Kamm 

The self-proclaimed but accepted ambassador of MAC and one of the legends of MAC. I know him when MAC become like super massively active with new members and events. He is the mastermind behind EUGC and the jester of MAC. He made those fun-filled thread that bring us and many other closer to each other. I had the honor of becoming a friend with him early in the 2011, around the middle week of February, I think. He can be a little bit frustrating something, always mess around with me and make so much wise cracks and jokes as hell ( you bastard ) but what Kamm really is, is a friend who would literally kill anybody for his friends. He was one of the friends that have boosted my confidence in dealing with people and helping immensely in dealing with my heart break. Another friend I am honored to called a brother. Here is the link to his youtube account and his profile on the MAC forum

The list goes on and will not stop here. Its already a long post already and I don't want to bore out my readers. Part 2 will follow slightly after. STAY TUNED FOR MORE.


  1. "legends of MAC" I think that title belongs to Mr. Julius Lim or DC23. But me? I still feel like a noob.Thanks for the kind words Gary.

  2. They are the Titans of MAC... two different classes

  3. the virgin angel24 August 2011 at 12:09

    very nice post Hbird ^^ i'm very honored also to call you my Brother. MORE POWER!

  4. And I cannot call you any less but only the same, my brother

  5. aaaaw...that is so sweet bro...Always been a pleasure knowing you..and that friendship will never ever fade.

    You will always be my brother across a thousand miles....

    Good luck on your new life are now free..God speed my brother!! :)

  6. Of cos aniki.. How Can i say anything less to a great friend....

    about the ''free'' Part... I don't know :/