Monday, 26 September 2011

Ending 2011 with a Bang !!!!

2012 teaser poster

MAC ....... MECH ART COMMUNITY ... MECH ... That's right, we at MAC not only love gundam but also all the other various equally various mech out there.

Ok, with all the BAKUC or GWBC or what ever it is called, its like everything is based on gundam... gundam ... gundam ... Its becoming more like feeding the Fanboys rather then feeding modelers in general.

In short, well, it's all Gundams and Bandai (I take that back as Bandai also make great kits such as Code Geass), so We of MAC want you modelers to prepare yourself on something bigger, better and a totally never before seen event!

We (MAC as a whols) value creativity and originality so much in our forums, and we try to encourage our members to do more with their model kits rather than build out of the box and/or simple paint. So, sticking to ''traditions'' we have something really really good very soon. And I believe it is obvious by now that we do not just do it. In fact, We do it big time.

Obviously from the way we roll, and the great prizes of the recently concluded EUGC,  one can see that MAC is a BIG-TIME player, and we just want to do big stuffs and we assure you of even better prizes and bigger events in the year 2012!

As much as I want to blab about the details of this huge undertaking that we are cooking up inside our MAC forums, I cannot as the preliminary preparation and plans are still being drawn up but don't worry, we will not disappoint you guys. Once everything is ready to kick off, I will be happily announcing about it, and my dear readers will be the very first to see and hear about that.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears opened........ I assure you, IT WILL BE A BLAST ...
P.S, The picture was shamelessly ripped from Don's blog post , hehe :P


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