Monday, 5 September 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 2

Right, lets pick up where I left off, shall we??

Remember that I was doing to mod the gun shield kinda thing?? yeah... This is the basic design that I come up with ...
Posted Image

and using these parts, scavaged from the FG kyrios,
Posted Image

and some small parts like this, (made of stacking )
Posted Image

The shield gun become something like this -
Posted Image

Not finish yet but i kinda like the general look... will go along with this ... need to fill the ugly back with something though ..

And then I shaved off the top and bottom of the Perfect Armour shoulder cos it was just too big and bulky
Posted Image

And then I put on a 1mm plat plate on top of the shoulders as there was nothing else but a empty space after shaving off -
Posted Image

Again, Not finish yet... still need some detailing to do ... ( inspired by Decay's Sazabi sideskirt, i will Venture into that kind of detailing)

and i moved on to the knee armour of the perfect armour -
I sand that down into stairs -
Posted Image

so that once sanded, i got something like this
Posted Image

I made a little mistake with the one on the left and the sanded slop was not straight so i need to use a plate to fill it ...

Well, that's it for now... General re-sculpting to make a different shape on a already made shape is kinda hard for me so, i'm taking this slow....

Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned


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