Sunday, 18 September 2011

Being Too hard on your own works - Don't be

I was just reading back the comments I received from the wip thread of the Nataku I made and I came across this comment once again ...

A comment made by a dear and beloved friend; no other then Kamm, the hand painting assassin, himself ... he typed and I quote -

" I think its admirable all the effort you put into this Gary.... you worked really hard on it so far and I think your too hard on yourself. The problem with seeing "great inspiring" works somtimes opens your eyes too much. it makes you think all your work isnt good enough. Just look at it this way man...

Enjoy the hobby, and enjoy inspiring others. Your mods and work on this inspired me to try more better modifications. Just trust your MAC bros that mistakes are what make you progress and being able to laugh about them helps your mind stay clear and focused. More time spent worrying/dwelling less time will be spent enjoying.

Just remember mate, you inspire me.  '''

And Another great comment from another one of my close friends , Daddy Vanz, he said and I quote

'' what I  see in you my bro, is that you have ''lots of patience and determination ''to finish this kit...and we are here to keep on supporting you !!      

keep it up @hummingbird !!! keep flying !!! '''

Those two comments really really really helped me to get better and not feel down about my own works.

What kamm said is true as seeing so much great works out there alike, you always feel down looking at your own stuffs. For me, every time I see MatX's gimmicks or Julius SBing or Don's weathering OR so many other great kits out there, I feel like just hitting my head against the wall, thinking,  ''' gosh I want to be like them ... why can't I build like them''.
The thing is, don't think like that, please just don't. They are they, you are you .. that's what I have found out these days. MatX sculpt plate in his own way ... and I sculpt plates with my own way ( namely the stairs method ) and that's how it should be. No point bashing your head in for something other have done.

Like kamm said, seeing so many great kits opened my eyes and I compared my kits with their kits (which of cos, makes it look like $H!T) but it really doesn't matter. Enjoy the hobby, and enjoy inspiring others is the way things should be. I started out with nothing but now, I inspire people up to the level of the Hand-painting-assassin with my modding. Keep building, Keep practicing and you will get there in no time.

And considering what Vanz said, lots of patience and determination is the key to a successful build... hell, not only in model but also in life too. I spent 9 months on a crappy HG .. 9 months .. I didn't quit and I sure don't want my fellow modelers, most especially my juniors to quit. Please, never ever do.

Perseverance, being the key to success, is needed in all aspect of life and , no doubt, is very very useful in modeling.

So if you have hit a wall, sit back, relax, chill, think things through and keep on building.

Happy modeling guys....


  1. ...that is so sweet man.....never thought those words wud give you inspirations more and more...I said that advice a very long time ago..looking at it now means that I ..we...need those every time in life not juts gunplas...@Kamm and me will always be here to support you bro.....KEEP FLYING HUMMINGBIRD !!! ha ha!! we will meet soon someday bro..thanks a ton for being a great friend !1

  2. Great text there Gary, we discussed this a couple times, and yeah thanks to you I kinda am thinking more like you....

  3. Inspirational !!!! THanks for the post. I have yet to come out with a style of my own but this really keeps me going , cheers!