Saturday, 10 September 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 3

Right, time for a little update .....

Thanks to a certain someone....

This concept came into being ... and dang, I love it ... soon, very soon, the improvement will be underway in full speed..

first of all, I was looking at the back pack and that thing just look bloody ugly ... so I figure ... '' lets go and change that ''

and I did ..... so, to work it out, I cut it in twine -

Cut the lower part apart to have a little variation of the original  design

After that, I cut a large amount of length off of both the upper and lower part so that I could have a much more compact back pack...
of, cos I had to glue them back again... so, I need to put in a plate between the upper part and the lower part and two plates on each side of the central lower part

More platings to cover up the ugly gap you see in the above picture and, of cos, I swore myself to build this clean and tidy so... yeah, there you go...

next up, following the design sketched by a good friend of mine, ( It was Thethelmosengine, by the way )...
I started working on the knee armour ...
first up. cut those four

and after gluing them on both sides, I got the general location and shape I want so i move on further  and got this

The gaping hole you see is left there because I wanted to put in a vent and still figuring out how in the bloody hell should I put it in..

All in all, I got this

I do apologize as this is not as big a update as you guys might expect from the hummingbird but don't worry.. there will be more to come...

Thanks for reading, stay tuned .


  1. looking forward to this build bro :) MORE POWER!

  2. Nice Mods.. Looking forward ;D GOod luck

  3. Can't wait to see the final result man!