Saturday, 19 March 2011

Build Off - Aulon Vs Hummingbird

Hello dear readers - Before I start anything... let me just post this banner

That's right.. This is gonna be a build off between me and Aulon - one of the great modeller of MAC who build the awesome Xbone that Don blogged about ... Going against this guy won't be easy.... ''sigh''

But honestly, this is not a competition build off. This is a friendly build off, you could say this is a share and learn from each other build off...

We were just talking some days ago and one thing led to another and we decide to have a build off as fun ..

We decided to have a build off about the Strike Noir.. His being a HG and mine a MG.. We don't have set rules... we will build our kit as we see fit...

I have to say, I am really really proud to be having a build-off with this man.. Think about it, it is an honour to be having a build off with someone who invented the bottle cap technique for his diorama... Either we are very good friends that he proposed this build off or I'm getting better with my modelling... which ever the reason, I am so proud to be having a build off with this guy... even more so that our friends from MAC is cheering on both of us..

So, Aulon Vs Hummingbird, a modder vs a scratch builder, a weathering man vs a clean build man - What Kind of kit will they make??? Stick around and Find out..

Full details of the WIPs can be seen here -
Hummingbird's MG Strike Noir Raven
Aulon's HG Spectre Strike

Thanks for reading,, your support is much appreciated...  Stay tuned


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