Saturday, 12 March 2011

MAC wants you.... To be Creative

First and Foremost, I am so damn proud to see that the members of MAC are going beyond the ordinary with this Group Build.

It all stared when the mac-daddy kriz see the simple yet complex , small yet awesome and creative works of our MAC member, Rzero1's junk bots.
The infection of creativity that he gave us has now spread among the members of MAC.
As a result, we are building like hell, each and every member making his own unique mech, and yes, the mech had to be build from scratch.

We all love mecha, every now and then, when I see a mecha model (usually card board models)... I used to look at them inspiration and interests.. Now, The work the members have done have been so great that it put everything else i have seen to shame.

The GB has been underway since January. But we are still accepting participants and would welcome any new participants. The closing date is June so you still have plenty of time.

The requirements are quite simple -

  • Clean or weathered finishing

  • Work in Progress thread in our MAC forums is a MUST / or YOUR BLOG for non-members.

  • Materials can be anything from plastic, metals, rubber, parts from toys, other mecha series

  • Finished kit could be steam punk or streamlined as long as it does NOT look like Gundam

  • Preferably all finished kit photos should have a dark/white back ground
And here is the List of the creative minds at work -

Completed Kits of the Creative Minds -
Urban Crawler by CLEFSHOXX
British WWII Drone by eeun
Forest Ninja by CLEFSHOXX
Junkbot No.4 - ENFORCER by rzero1
bitBOT 001 by DC23
A.P.U by Paul
Junkbot No.3 - Gearhead by rzero1

 Work In Progress of the Creative Minds -
Microbots by rzero1
Pathfinder by vanz anazasi
UBA AW-01 Bandula by hummingbird
The X-walker by matanglawinX
Future Maine by ziggyzuggy
C-09 Rattletrap by KevinCS
P.U.BI.C.; Personal Utility BIpedal Contraption by The Red O
Kodachi by vanz anazasi
H. C. U. (Human Control Unit) by ZOP
Flandragon by zoidiect
The Revoker by sacrophage
The Junk bots: Punk bot by rzero1
Ni Rin by vanz anazasi
Maglev Assault Tank MAT by jamilnoobs
Fortressa by lancelotconquista
Destroid Glockenspiel by lancelotconquista
Oversoul by jmac1789
The Junk Bots: Interceptor by rzero1
The Junk Bots: Eclipse by rzero1
Shifty's Junkbot by shifty
Mega Exo Frame by Oceansean
Char's Onslaught by badboitwu

So who's up to the challenge?? Who wants to be creative?? Who wants to create something that screams UNIQUE from the first glance?? Who wants to build something out of the extraordinary??
Then JOIN our Group Build and Let your Creativity let loose...


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