Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Featured Modellers Chapter 2.1: Aulon's X-bone

In this chapter 2.1 of Modeller's Innovation's Featured modellers series, I will be featuring another friend of mine. His name is Paweł Cynk and he is known in the modelling community as "Aulon'', to me, he is a dear friend who invented the bottle cap technique for his diorama. That technique just blew me away. Aulon is not exactly a noob but he tends to go a bit overboard with weathering, nevertheless, he is a great modeller and his works are great.

To know him better here is a little interview I made with him - 
Q - How long has it been you're doing modelling?
A - the real starting date would be 9.2008 - that's when I bought my first kit- MG Force Impulse Gundam - still loving the design would love to this one again (*wink*wink*hint*wink* ). although i was interested in gunpla long before that and read a lot, as for modeling... well glued few kits when i was still a kid, both plastic and carton, rember helping my cousin making some kits - mainly his carton 1/350 aircraft carrier, don't remember the name tough but i remember deck number 66.

Q - What s your style of modelling.

A - my style... tricky question. i don't think i am the one to decide that haha
i was once told that all of my builds have a distinctive "feel" to them, although don't cite me on that as I'm not sure about that myself :p

Q - How many kits have you worked on???

A - let me count... only finished kits? - oh seems like my happy number - 13 completed gunpla kits so far :D (i can list them for you if you want :p)

Q -  AB or HB?? 

A - currently both. i used to do only handpainting, but stared ABing last summer with only 2 kits so far (SD Kanpei and HGUC Hazel II [Recon] ) crossbone is fully handpainted tough. I think that i will keep doing both types (with spay cans from time to time like it was with one of my MG Exias) as some things are just easier to handpaint instead of masking and airbrushing, both types have advantages and drawbacks therefore I will try to use both of them :D

Now you know a little about him ( I don't know him that much either so .. :P :P ), anyway, 

Without further ado, I present to you ... Mr. Aulon's great piece of art - 
The Crossbone Gundam Diorama 

 If you want to see more you can check them out at -

I hope you will love this Xbone as much as I do 
Stay Tuned for more


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