Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Improving the HG 1/100 Nataku - Part4

alrighthy, this is Part 4 of my nataku WIP... and honestly, I am happy.. I mean, this is my first major project and look at what I have acheived...I was so afraid of losing kits back in the days that I didn't dare to mod.. but now that i lost that fear... I'm modding like crazy... and I just realized that.... if you are sacred, you won't get anywhere... if you want to do something, then build up some courage and DO it... it doesn't matter if you fail or succeeded, at least you tried... and that is the sweet part of it... oh, of course, never forget, research... its a very very useful skill to have.. so you better improve on your researching skills and don't be lazy to do it.. as much as it is essential for modelling, it is vital for academic purposes too...
alright.. on to the posting..

Right,, remember that i used a slab and support system to house the cup??? well, that slab has been wobbly-bobbly so... i decided to cook something and the result is this.. it was kinda hard cos the back of the support was angled and i had to measure accordingly to how the body was angled.. (sorry i couldn't shoot the photos of the supports)... but neverthe less.. i am so so happy with what i got... let the picture do the talking ...
Owners of the certain kind of MG kit would understand what i'm trying to do in the next picture...i first cut a slab with a hole as you can see... and you see that long plates behind that ''special shaped'' slab?? I used that long plates to make the sides of the lower torso....  take a look..

all in all.. i am quite impress with how that came up.. .but it is still a mess and i still have to clean up a lot... yes, a LOT

Here's a test fittted pic of my wasit -

does that waist joint remind of you anything??? that's right.. the MG wing zero custom... and to further,, well.. ''show-off"" LOL :P :P... here's a comparaison pic of the HG NATAKU Ver. Hummingbird and MG WZC BANDAI... hehehehehe ...what do u guys think ??

oh and before you guys say it is not that good looking or anything... please be patient... i still have to put on some finishing touch and do some clean up.... thanks for looking.... Stay Tuned


  1. Bro, That is looking major wicked considering when you first started. Keep leveling up my brother.