Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Modelling 101: Buying kits

I have been aching to express my feeling about buying kits for a long time and now that I finally got a blog, I can finally let go.

In this post, I will be talking about what I think about buying kits and will be throwing in some advices to the younger and junior modeller. Before I start, let me clarify something - by younger modellers; I mean by age young young, I'm only 21 myself and not really in a position to start sounding like a adult (or act like one) but I am a man and as a man who has just become adult age age standard (I'm over 18, s), I have obligation to guide the younger generation in what ever way that I can.
Now about the Junior part, I do not consider myself even as an advanced modeller... there are too many things that I still do not know but I AM aware of the gunpla kits and new and I myself am scratch building kits so, you could say I'm gradually improving. By junior modeller, I mean people who just got into this hobby. They may or may not have talents, that I or nobody won't know, but they have decided to start working on kits and they will be in this ''GREAT BIG OCEAN'' of modellers and forums and blogs, showing off all those awesome and inspiration kits. They WILL be lost... lost on what to do, how to do and etc etc. As a man, and as a man standing where I am now, I am obliged to help my juniors.
This junior term is by no means a dis-respectful terms or looking down on people who just starting this great hobby.

Alright, on to the actual topic....

I myself have started from this point... I know how it feels. In a pool of many choices, many kits, you have to pick a kit that you want to work. You're confused, so you ask for advices and people starting giving you suggestion. That is a good thing BUT that is also not a good thing. Because, according to human psychology, one will always suggest what he or she likes. Say for example, you asking around people what you should buy. There may be people who genuinely wants to help you and drop links OR how you can decide or tell you precisely what you can buy.. OR there are people who just say... ''' oh, you should buy this.. buy that ... blah blah''..My word of advice """ DO NOT LISTEN TO THE LATTER PEOPLE''.... That is just so wrong... It is the most biggest mistakes people make on buying kits.

Would you buy a shirt that is just so horribly unsuited on you just because people just say ''buy it''?? I hope not, and IF you did, how is that shirts look good on you?? You're just gonna throw it away and never see it again. The same is said for buy gunpla kits. First of all, and the most important thing, is YOU. You have to choose your own kit, kit that catches your eyes. 

OK, this raised the question - '' But there are so many kits out there, HG, MG, PG and now RG... what should I buy?? '''. There is a very very reasonable solution to that. Look around your home, look at your budget, and ask yourself these question -  What do u want?? do u want to go for size?? availability of space?? articulation?? how much you can spend?.If you have sort that out. Now's the time to start thinking about choosing what kit you can buy.

For instance, I am not interested in buying not even a single 1/144 kits.. so for me, no matter how great the articulation of the RG is, since it is a 1/144, I will not buy it and just go for the MG and there will be others out there like me too. Some likes to buy just the 1/144s and so on so forth. If you want something that is small (since its a 1/144) with superb articulation, then get the RG but if prefer 1/100 sizes, then get a MG.

And another thing is, NEVER EVER buy a kit just because so many people are buying it and it is famous and blah blah. That is not what right way to do anything, not only modelling, anything in life. You Choose what other YOU want, not what you want OTHER to see that kit. For example, I have a MG perfect gundam, which is a kit that literally nobody would buy but i bought it. Why? because I love it. I have been told that I am wasting money by buying an unpopular kit.I honestly didn't give a damn about what people said.Its my money, its my Will,I buy what I wanted. The same could be said to you.

So, remember, if you want to buy a kit, BUY THE KIT THAT YOU WANT......


  1. Thank you very much, brother Paul

  2. Sounds about right to me man. There are too many people out there who tell you to buy kits because they want it. Nice topic

  3. Sounds about right to me man. There are too many people out there who tell you to buy kits because they want it. Nice topic