Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Build Off!! Strike Noir Raven - Part 3

Here's a little update to the guns i was working on -

Aulon suggested me to make the handles foldable and I completely agree with him.. so I worked on that...
This is how I planned it after cutting off the handles -
Posted Image

And I hollowed out the bottom of the gun for the trigger part to hide into the gun and the handle to have a smooth motion gimmick when folded..
Posted Image

And next stop, its the handle it self... I make the handls foldable by first cutting out these plates and drilled one hole in each of them -
Posted Image

And I drilled a hole through the handle so that there is a ''hinge'' for the handle to swing, and I'm using a small Rod for the hinge -
Posted Image

and while I was working on, something hit me... the stability of the attached gun.. so I decided to put in a little something to make the gun stable when docked -
Posted Image
1- cut a hole on the top side of the guns
2- use putty to hold the IC sockets in palce
3 - just glued the gun up again

after that,, I just glued those plates that i drilled with the handles attached to it like so and I am so glad that i have achieved that function
Posted Image

As you can see, the underside of the guns is still bare so i decided to make something like this -
Posted Image
Do u guys see that cicrle with an A on it?? see a plate on the back of the handle?? that is glued so that i can use my finger and take out the handles... i wast just looking at the WZC rifles and got that idea..

and i wanted the barrel to look much much different so I kinda went with this -
Posted Image

I admit, i based that from the NG Legend..

and Voila, This is the over all result of my guns -
Posted Image

Next step, the docking site on the skirts .. Stay Tuned,


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