Saturday, 11 June 2011

Build Off!! Strike Noir Raven - Part 4

Alright, what i did in this update is just some refinement on the side skirts ( i just can't be satified with them) and some prelimilary works on the back skirts..

lets start with the back skirts...
cut it in twain...
Posted Image

and i cut the side skirts too..
Posted Image

and in the following picture -
Posted Image
you will see that i cut out a pair of large plate and I glued them cut back skirts first and then use the plates to glue the cut side skirts onto the back skirts.. .and with the presence of the plate, much better stability if acheived.

this is how its gonna look in general, ( still not finished yet.. just wanna show you guys how it would look )
Posted Image

Im happy with that, all that's left for me to do is some touch up and so, i moved to continue refining the bloody side skirts,
Im not really suer if you guys can see in this photo
Posted Image
but, i put three plates together infront and at the back of the ic pins... That was done so because.. when i attached the gun to the skirts, as much as it offers stability, it looks crap.. with a big gap between the gun and the skirts...
As you can see from this photo here
Posted Image

Im happy with that... Again, can't really acheived perfect symmentry.. but still better then the ugly thing

and i was looking around on the skirts and i thought i still need some more works... so,
Posted Image
If you wondering why that graph paper is doing there, its a paper tamplete stuck on another identical pieces by means of double tape..
and I glued on a plate on top of the skirt, which can be seen here on the photo ..
Posted Image

and this is generally how my noir looks now..
Posted Image

more to come, stay tuned


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